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ADBL Saving Account


Saving deposit account can be opened in any of our commercial branches. Your interest is calculated and credited to your's saving account on minimum daily balance. Initial deposit ranges are depending upon the branch and it's level. Any balance below minimum amount will be liable to incidental charges as fixed by the bank from time to time. Customer opening this account gets a free cheque book. The bank offers Any Branch Banking facilities (ABBS) to its customer.
Transaction Records:
When you open your account you will get a account number to keep track of your saving and transactions. You have to update your passbook by our bank staff at our branch.
Account Opening:
You need to bring the following documents to open the saving account.
Personal Account:
a)       Personal Identification (Citizenship Certificate and two copies of Photograph)
b)       Nominee Declaration
Proprietorship Account:
                a) Declaration of sole proprietorship
                b) Copy of renewed Registration Certificate
                c) Identification paper of account operator(s)
                d) Income tax registration/renewal certificate
Partnership Account:
                a) Letter of partnership duly signed by all partners
                b) Copy of the partnership Agreement
                c) Certified copy of partnership Registration and Renewal
 d) Identification paper of account operator(s)
                e) Income tax registration/renewal certificate
Accounts of Clubs, Societies and Associates (all documents to be duly certified by the charity)
                a) List of Office bearers and Address
                b) Copy of by-laws/ Constitutions
                c) Copy of Resolution to open and operate the Account
                d) Certification of registration and renewal certificate
                f) Identification paper of account operator(s)