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Warm Greetings and Welcome to Agricultural Development Bank Ltd. Nepal official website.

First of all, we would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to our stakeholders for their continued support and patronage.

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Head Office

Agricultural Development Bank Nepal
Head Office, Ramshahapath, Kathmandu, Nepal
Email :
Website :
Toll Free No. 16600111110

Telephone Lines :

Operation: 977-1-4263387
Credit Department (Credit/LC/Guarantee): 4253819 
E-Banking/Mobile Banking: 4251537 
Fax : 977-1-4262676/ 4262616/ 4262929

Chief Compliance Officer (प्रमुख अनुपालन अधिकृत)

Mrs. Sarita Dahal

Tel: 4252359, Ext. 2316

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